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NASCAR racing has always been dominated by traditional outlets throughout its 60+ years. But with the emerging new technologies with social media and with website development, RubbingsRacing.com was developed more than 10 years ago.


Started by Flatland Design’s own, Christopher Smith, it’s purpose was to change the way information was distributed as well as integrate multiple social media outlets into this ever-changing world.


As it began, the integration of blogging software was implemented and developed over time to create a content management system. This enabled multiple writers and correspondents across the nation to access the site and create the unique content that brought it to NASCAR’s attention.

RubbingsRacing.com Logo Development

It was critical to create a brand that would rival those in the traditional media. A great deal of time was taken developing the logo that was not only the icon of the site, but became our full identity. At tracks around the country, RubbingsRacing.com is immediately noticed and known by fans and media alike. Not only is the website branded, but the entire staff is branded with shirts, caps and more, making it a noticable in media centers and out in public alike.

 CJMC Logo

In July of 2009, RubbingsRacing.com was recognized by NASCAR by becoming an inaugural member of their new initiative, the Citizen Journalists Media Corps. This was an effort on the part of NASCAR to realize that there was a change taking place in the media and that there were many strong perspectives and well thought out sites that were worthy of being given the opportunity to become an extension of the traditional media.


By this time, Smith had already integrated facebook, twitter, and podcasting into the arena. This provided unique ways to get their message out. Facebook was utilized to post photos taken at tracks, while twitter enabled a great deal of interaction with the fans.


RubbingsRacing.com also has participated in “tweetups”, which is not a new concept, but brought to NASCAR by one of our peers. Having been involved with this since nearly the beginning and promoting it, helped integrate social media while putting names and faces with product. It has gained great traction over the years and is now a standard event on the circuit each week.


When the first “Over the Wall” podcast premiered, it was simply a round-table of the site members, but it quickly developed into an interviewing platform. Drivers, crew members, track promoters and more began to join in the conversations, allowing more exposure and credibility to the relevance of RubbingsRacing.com.


Today, you can find RubbingsRacing.com on facebook, twitter, iTunes and YouTube, as well as your standard RSS feed. It has been recognized and applauded on its professional stance by its peers as well as many members of the traditional media, including those from ESPN, Hamptons Roads Newspapers, SceneDaily and NASCAR itself.





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