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TorresWorks Construction, LLC is the culmination of years of work from Pete Torres, a pool installer and general contractor in the greater Grand Rapids, Michigan area. Torres has been installing and servicing pools since 1991 through many major distributers.


When TorresWorks decided to reach out directly to the community, they called on Flatland Design to begin to develop their identity separating them from their competition.


Customer retention, customer feedback and generating new customers were the three main focus areas on this project.


Logo development, shirts and truck wraps were all instrumental in getting their name out to the public, but to complete their branding, website design and social media integration with facebook was critical.


Even though this is a smaller company, the attention to detail and developing their brand brings them to the forefront of their respective industry.


Critical areas to focus on was to make sure that everyone knew they had their general contractor license. That enabled them to offer more services than just pool installation, including concrete work, deck building and repair and general grading and Bobcat work were areas that needed to be showcased.

TorresWorks Logo

So logo development needed to begin the entire process with a smooth, integrated image that showcased all areas of their expertise. Landscape, pool installation/repair and hardscape construction are demonstrated in the varying swooshes colored and tied together representing each of these key areas. The rest of the brand developed from there.


Once completed, the website and facebook integration began, again focusing on the key areas. Soothing, cool colors are utilized on the website in order to emphasize the first and foremost services they provide, pool installation and repair. All other critical areas are represented within the site to ensure each area gets equal representation.


The course best used in social media was facebook. Looking at how their business runs, it was determined that this was the perfect outlet for customer feedback, customer retention, and showcasing latest jobs for generating new customers.


Customer feedback is easily achieved by allowing customers to post comments about their experience in using TorresWorks during their project.


Customer retention is obtained by providing push messages through facebook, reminding customers when it is time to close and open pools as well as key items to remember while your pool is in service during the pool year.


New customers come by way of existing customers sharing their experiences with their friends, alerting them of TorresWorks and the quality of work they provide.


Traditional media meeting new media, integrated in harmony.





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