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In today’s ever-changing world, and with everyone having a “green” conscious, Cox Culinary Emporium created an extremely unique and timely product — BPA-free dinnerware, also known as “Lanitaware”.


This product brought together key solutions to the environmental consumer. First of all, it is 100% environmental friendly containing no BPAs and is dishwasher safe. And second, it is an extremely fashionable product with a great ease of use at parties and social gatherings.


Beginning with branding, logo development and colors were key to presenting the product as green, friendly and stylish. The development began to take shape when Flatland Design hit on the concentric circles, mimicking the shape of the product itself.

Cox Culinary Emporium Logo

Selecting a very soothing and pleasant color palette was also instrumental in positioning the company’s philosophy.


The challenge was how to package the product in a manner that would reduce overall cost and allow a single package solution to be re-purposed. Shelf presentation, product placement and shipping were all considerations in the development of a multi-purpose box with individual indicators signaling which product was located in the package.


Photography showing the beauty and style of the product were also key to showcasing the product. Employing and photo-directing the shoot helped maintain the look throughout the process.


Once the brand was developed, each item was represented in a website with a clear and concise manner in order to easily identify the item along with it’s size and use. Line art was determined to be the most effective way to show this considering the complexity of each item. The line art in conjunction with the “beauty shots” of photography painted a vibrant picture of the products use and style.


Brochures and ease-of-use tradeshow environments were then developed so a single person could travel and showcase the product around the country.


Determining cost-effective solutions to a start-up company was critical to the success of the product and brand development.





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