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Eclipsys Corporation, a healthcare information technology provider provided a unique example of brand recognition and brand development. While Flatland Design took full understanding of their existing brand, we were tasked with updating and extending their brand awareness through logo refinement and a rollout of a full new collateral system.


During this process, Flatland Design was put on a retainer, becoming an extension of their existing internal staff. This enabled both parties to be in constant contact with each other and allowing Flatland Design to fully meet the needs and expectations of the Marketing and Integrated Sales department.


The beginning to the process was the logo refinement. Since Eclipsys was already entrenched in the market, their logo was recognizable, but lacked the strength that their product offerings had.

Keeping with the general layout, the font was bolded and kerned to emphasize it more while increasing the size of the “bug” and enhancing the starburst in size and in color. The primary colors were changed to maintain a bold blue color and adding gold as the primary accent color replacing a much duller grey.

Eclipsys Brochure Samples

Once the new color scheme was locked, the development of an entire collateral system began. Incorporating these new colors and revised logo, their new brochures, fact sheets, white papers, advertising and tradeshow environments, transformed their brand identity. Creating a presence to re-enforce this new bolder, stronger company poised to make a larger footprint in the healthcare information technology arena.


Having the ability to understand their existing brand and recognition of it’s value was critical to developing this new brand identity, making it stronger without breaking it. Existing customers were able to easily connect to it and new customers saw an even more bold company, ready to take on their challenges and needs.





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