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Social Media Integration is Business Critical



Everyone talks about “social media” and everyone wants to get involved in it. But what is important is that you need to approach your social media objectives and strategy the same way you approach the rest of your business development.


RACERSITES is one of those companies who specialize in web development and building those strategies. CEO, Chuck Tate and Director of Client Operations, Kevin Hofer sat down and talked with me about their success in generating impactful websites with total integration of social media. Tate and Hofer classify the “big three” of social media today as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


The RACERSITES name says it all, they service and provide support primarily for racing teams and drivers, from INDY to NASCAR, and everything in between. Working on clients such as the IZOD Indycar Series, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Penske Racing, Richard Childress Racing and more, they bring these teams and brands to the consumer through direct social media interaction and web development.


As their primary goal is to provide seamless Business-to-Consumer (B2C) marketing and development, I asked how hard it is to sell the importance of integrating social media to the higher-ups in the corporate offices. Hofer said, “If you asked me that as much as even a year ago, I would say yes. But now, it’s really not hard to make that sell.” Hofer noted though that the most important part is to make sure that you have a strategy, not just to ‘dabble’ in it.


“If you asked me [how difficult it is to sell a social media strategy] that as much as even a year ago, I would say yes. But now, it’s really not hard to make that sell.”
Kevin Hofer
Director of Client Operations


As we develop brands and integrate social media strategies for our clients, we employ many of the same critical mass elements as RACERSITES does.


Know your audience, know your product and implement your brand.


For B2C marketing, it is essential for the customer to feel involved and heard. By integrating social media strategically, you allow your audience to provide direct feedback and opinions to the decision makers. Not only does this give a voice to the masses, but with celebrities and public personalities, it permits the consumer to become directly tied to your product and person in a way that was not obtainable only a few years ago.







RACERSITES has 13 years of experience developing partnerships in the motorsports world to enhance their clients’ connection to its fans and business partners through website development, enhancement of social media conversations and the deployment of unique interactive tools. RACERSITES boasts clients on the team, driver, track and sanctioning body level, including: IZOD Indycar series, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, GRAND-AM Road Racing, Penske Racing, Richard Childress Racing, Turner Motorsports, Panther Racing, Kurt Busch, and more. http://www.RACERSITES.com/


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