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Kimberly-Clark, a world-wide innovator of a wide range of products from Kleenex facial tissues to Purple Nitrile surgical gloves and everything in between needed to represent the global reach of..Read More

Social Media Integration is Business Critical

Everyone talks about “social media” and everyone wants to get involved in it. But what is important is that you need to approach your social media objectives and strategy the..Read More

Quark Purchased

Many of us grew up working with QuarkXPress as our desktop publishing tool. After all it was the industry standard for years.   Aldus was the only other player in..Read More


Eclipsys Corporation, a healthcare information technology provider provided a unique example of brand recognition and brand development. While Flatland Design took full understanding of their existing brand, we were tasked..Read More

Cox Culinary Emporium

In today’s ever-changing world, and with everyone having a “green” conscious, Cox Culinary Emporium created an extremely unique and timely product — BPA-free dinnerware, also known as “Lanitaware”.   This..Read More

Rubbings Racing

NASCAR racing has always been dominated by traditional outlets throughout its 60+ years. But with the emerging new technologies with social media and with website development, RubbingsRacing.com was developed more..Read More


TorresWorks Construction, LLC is the culmination of years of work from Pete Torres, a pool installer and general contractor in the greater Grand Rapids, Michigan area. Torres has been installing..Read More




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