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Effective visual communications are key to building and sustaining success in a fast-paced and highly competitive world.


At Flatland Design, our “sweet spot” is helping small- to mid-sized companies achieve a level of professional, cost-efficient digital and print communications typically achieved only by much larger organizations. Whether you’re building and promoting your brand in B2B or B2C communications, we can help.


Led by founder and president Christopher Smith, Flatland Design can bring you more than a pretty web site, brochure or logo. We know that there’s much more to good design than great aesthetics. We spend time with our clients to understand your business challenges and opportunities, and propose innovative solutions that will help you meet or exceed your strategic goals.


We have experience across many industries producing highly effective and award-winning collateral systems, either working within an existing brand identity or helping you create one. Whether it’s a tradeshow exhibit or a brochure…an HTML or print direct-mail piece…a web site, magazine or virtually anything else with the potential to impact your image and your sales, we can partner with you to produce it — quickly and cost-efficiently.


Especially if you have an overcommitted or understaffed internal marketing department, you can rely on Flatland to be a valued addition to your communications initiatives.



Christopher Smith Headshot

Christopher Smith, President & Creative Director

Flatland Design founder Chris Smith possesses both broad and deep expertise in graphic design, honed over more than 20 years’ of achievement.


Chris has built upon a foundation of traditional design and pre-press experience, expanding into today’s vast array of digital media. He has developed websites and HTMLs recognized for their usability, attractiveness and ability to lead visitors to the desired action that supports his clients’ business goals.


Branding is a strong part of Chris’ skill set, and he’s been proud to have been associated with such iconic brands as Coca-Cola, Budweiser, Miller Brewing and NASCAR. Chris’ communication skills have become particularly well known in the world of NASCAR, where he’s the founder and head of RubbingsRacing.com…a NASCAR-accredited website that hosts podcasts, dedicated writers and race coverage for most NASCAR-sanctioned events each year. Chris was also privileged to be the principal designer for the 1994 Goodwill Games, and worked on many projects for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games held in Atlanta.


Chris has supported integrated marketing campaigns for a wide range of companies across multiple industries. He led the high-performing graphics department of a division of McKesson Corporation (formerly HBOC & Company), and has been part of the extended design team of Eclipsys Corporation (now Allscripts). He has also worked with such diverse clients as Kimberly-Clark, Prognosis Health Information Systems, Epic Executive Coaching, TorresWorks Construction, the 100% “green” product line of Cox Culinary Emporium, and countless others.


Whatever your design needs, contact us to make you look good and help you succeed!



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